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What are the most dangerous roads in New York?

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2022 | collision

Every driver in New York must meet state criteria to maintain a driver’s license. They also need to follow traffic laws and carry liability insurance on their vehicle in case they cause crashes.

Knowing that you can make a financial claim after someone wrecks your vehicle or leaves you with a serious injury is nice, but avoiding the collision in the first place would obviously be a better situation.

Living in the Troy area means that you may frequently deal with traffic in Albany and elsewhere in the state. Understanding the most dangerous roads are in New York could help you plan a safer route for your next drive out of town.

Troy isn’t home to any of the most dangerous streets

The good news for drivers in the Troy, New York, area is that the city itself is not known for high rates of injuries and fatal motor vehicle collisions. According to an analysis of statewide collision data, the majority of the most dangerous roads are in New York City.

The deadliest road in New York changes, but recently that ignoble title has gone to 3rd Avenue in Brooklyn, between 7th Street and 52nd street. Crash data from 2017 through 2019 shows that this 2.2-mile long section of road saw eight fatalities over that time. Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, CR-93 in Islip and Lake Avenue in Rochester are also among the most dangerous roads in New York.

However, some other roads known for higher crash rates do come close to Troy. The Taconic State Parkway follows a very twisty path, which might explain why it has a strong association with deadly collisions. It ends just south of Albany, meaning you might drive this road home after a visit to Connecticut.

Crashes can happen anywhere

Areas with poor urban design and heavy traffic may come with more risk for collisions. However, wrecks happen even on the least-traveled roads during the best possible weather. Most drivers have higher risk when they are closer to home, despite knowing those roads the best.

Keeping safety your primary focus whenever you drive, maintaining adequate insurance and knowing your rights can help protect you from the most devastating consequences of a motor vehicle collision.