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It is often said that nothing can be high quality, efficient and affordable at the same time. Two out of three is the best you can hope for. Thankfully, that’s not always true. When you contact Frost & Kavanaugh, you can expect high-quality legal representation to help you resolve your legal matter efficiently and affordably.

We are two attorneys who have a combined 50 years of legal experience, and we are committed to always improving our craft. Between us, we have earned numerous awards, are members of notable professional associations and are well-reviewed by both former clients and peers in the legal community. Through it all, we strive to always give our clients unparalleled personal attention and service.

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The majority of civil cases settle out of court, ultimately avoiding the need for a trial. In most cases, this outcome is desirable because it saves both sides time, money and stress. Generally speaking, you would benefit from a settlement because it would mean resolving your case more quickly while ensuring reasonable compensation or an otherwise fair outcome.

That being said, we are not the type of lawyers who would settle on any terms just to avoid going to court. We prepare every case is if it were going to trial. If the other side will not negotiate in good faith or refuses to propose a reasonable settlement, we are ready to walk away from the table. As seasoned trial attorneys, we are not hesitant about litigation. The courtroom is where we do some of our best work.

If we are representing you in a criminal defense context, the same principles apply. We never encourage our clients to take a plea deal unless that is ultimately what will best serve their interests. If going to trial will likely produce the best outcome for you and your family, we won’t hesitate to do so.

No matter what your case calls for, we are ready to advocate fiercely for your best interests.

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