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Testimonials From Our Clients

He went far beyond his call of duty
I can not believe how helpful, sensitive, and caring to my issues Art Frost was. When no one else would give me the answers I needed he was there. He helped me before retaining him. He went far beyond his call of duty. Being in predicaments where you feel overwhelmed, intimidated and completely out of your element Art is the man to turn to. He makes you feel stronger, braver, and completely confident that it will work out and you can get through the ordeal at hand. I can’t thank you enough Art

I highly recommend Art Frost
I highly recommend Art Frost. I have known Art for many years and he has always been there 100 percent when myself and family have Needed him. He is a warrior and will fight for you 150 percent. When we ever needed Art he always made us feel comfortable and that he truly cares…not all about the money. If the president needed representation Art would be the first person I would recommend.

Extremely helpful!
They were extremely helpful and professional and treated me as if I was their only client!

– Edward Blowers

Extremely Professional and Knowledgeable!
Art & Co. has represented me in dealing with a divorce and employee situation at my business. Art was well informed on all the legalities & issues of my cases. He took the time to explain, in detail and in terms a client can understand, what was the necessary course to take and how to proceed from start to finish. Extremely professional and knowledgeable on the necessary proceedings required to deal with my case. I would not hesitate to contact/hire Art for any legal issue I have; both professional and personal.

– Jon

My Case Wasn’t the Biggest Case at Frost & Kavanaugh, but It Was the Biggest Case to Me.

I have a TBI and physical disabilities. F&K’s office is easily accessible. I met Art Frost years ago when I needed a will to protect my estate. I went back to him when revisions were necessary. When I found myself being taken advantage of and needing help to go to court, he was there. I could not go to court alone. Art could see my despair at being taken advantage of. At once he offered/volunteered to take up my problem without a fee. A handshake was my retainer.

It is difficult to express my total trust in his abilities and integrity. He is a man of his word. I cannot say enough about what a noble lawyer he is. I have trusted him with my life and know all his cases merit this level of attention. I recommend him to anyone who needs to be fairly represented in court because they have been taken advantage of.

I will always be indebted to Mr. Frost for winning what I was legally entitled to. Art ended the indignity/humiliation of being horribly cheated.

– Susan

Art Forced the Insurance Company to Pay!
The insurance company wouldn’t compensate me fairly for the injury their insured caused me, so Art got my case ready for trial. When the company found out he would take them to trial, they settled quickly. I’d recommend Art to anyone!

– Gary

The Only Lawyers I’d Trust
When I was seriously injured on a construction site, I needed excellent legal advice. I contacted Art, and he handled my case perfectly, getting me the full compensation I was entitled to. The attorneys at F&K are the best there is! I would recommend them to anyone who is injured.

– Jessie

They did a Fantastic Job!
When I got charged for a serious matter that I didn’t do, I turned to Art to protect me. He did a fantastic job, took my case to trial, and got me a full Not Guilty on all charges. I would recommend him to anyone who gets accused of a crime!

– William

You Can Rely on Art – He’s a Man of His Word
I was young and made a foolish mistake. Then I was in trouble. I did not know what to do. The court appointed a Public Defender, Art Frost. I was worried about how he – a very young, new lawyer that wasn’t even getting any money from me – would handle my case. The minute he shook my hand I knew he was an honest man. He assured me he would do his best for me. He did. He worked it out. He really did his best. He is a man of his word. I would recommend Art Frost to anyone who finds themselves in trouble.

– Rolonzo

I’m writing to express my appreciation for the work done on my behalf by the Public Defender’s Office.

To the Rensselaer County Supervisor’s Office,

I’m writing to express my appreciation for the work done on my behalf by the Public Defender’s Office. In the past 9 years I’ve had need of their services 3 times. In 2010, 2012, and just recently this past April 2018 to last month, February 2019.

I have made some mistakes in my life that were mistakes. Stupid? Perhaps. Criminal? Well, never. But I see that sometimes stupid mistakes might get you arrested. I was, and being a divorced fellow with little means I needed a public Defender. I got lucky that all three times when I drew Mr. Arthur Frost Jr. Mr. Frost understood that I fully expected nothing short of a flat dismissal all three times.

Mr. Frost was respectful and candid. He trusted me and when you find yourself in a position like the one I’m in that means a great deal. He told me his job was to advocate for me. He did. Three dismissals.

I had to call the staff over there a few times when I needed to get a message to Mr. Frost. The staff were excellent. I’ve dealt with more than one of them and they were beyond helpful.

Finally, I just want to say I was lucky to raise my sons in Poestenkill. I lived out there for 20 years. I grew to feel RC is my home.

Thank you so very much. I’m grateful.

Gregory A. Hammond

– Gregory A. Hammond