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Case Victory: $5.45 Million Settlement Achieved on Behalf of our Client

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2020 | Personal Injury & Medical Malpractice

The Story Behind the Multi-Million Dollar Settlement

Our trial lawyers secured a $5.45 million settlement on behalf of our client, A.C. Although A.C. retained another law firm to handle his case, that law firm quickly hired Frost & Kavanaugh to serve as trial counsel. From there, we entered into vigorous settlement negotiations and significantly prevailed as a result.

So, what happened?

A.C. was a customer at a local car dealership. While he was standing at the service desk speaking to a representative, another dealership customer brought in his vehicle to be serviced. That customer was a paraplegic, and accordingly, his vehicle was equipped with special hand controls that allowed him to operate the vehicle without putting his feet on the gas and brake. However, the dealership mechanic who was going to service the customer’s vehicle had no training or experience in operating the hand controls in the vehicle.

Despite that, the mechanic entered the customer’s vehicle and attempted to operate it using the hand controls. In doing so, the mechanic wildly accelerated and crashed into A.C., driving him through the service desk and pinning him against the wall of the building. As a result, A.C. suffered severe injuries to his right leg in particular. After many weeks in the hospital, A.C.’s physicians determined that there was nothing they could do to save his leg and A.C. underwent an amputation above the knee.

The unfortunate reality is that A.C. lost more than his leg — he lost his livelihood and self-esteem as well. While his life will never be the same, A.C. has the financial security to be well taken care of medically for the rest of his life because of the efforts of Frost & Kavanaugh. A.C. vows to get back to the activities he loved before he was injured, and will use his $5.45 million settlement to purchase a specialty prosthetic that will enable him to sail, hike, golf, and snowboard again.

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