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My case wasn’t the biggest case at Frost & Kavanaugh, but it was the biggest case to me.

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I have a TBI and physical disabilities. F&K's office is easily accessible. I met Art Frost years ago when I needed a will to protect my estate. I went back to him when revisions were necessary. When I found myself being taken advantage of and needing help to go to court, he was there. I could not go to court alone. Art could see my despair at being taken advantage of. At once he offered/volunteered to take up my problem without a fee. A handshake was my retainer.

It is difficult to express my total trust in his abilities and integrity. He is a man of his word. I cannot say enough about what a noble lawyer he is. I have trusted him with my life and know all his cases merit this level of attention. I recommend him to anyone who needs to be fairly represented in court because they have been taken advantage of.

I will always be indebted to Mr. Frost for winning what I was legally entitled to. Art ended the indignity/humiliation of being horribly cheated.

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