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Planning Parenting Time During Spring Break

Posted by David J. Kavanaugh | Feb 25, 2019 | 0 Comments

Spring break is right around the corner. If you have minor children and a parenting time agreement, now is the time to start thinking about what you want your spring break to look like.

Consult Your Divorce Decree or Separation Agreement

Before you begin planning how your family will deal with the spring break from school, take a moment to consult your divorce decree and/or your separation agreement. Often, these documents will specifically address how school holidays should be handled. If yours are silent on the terms of how to deal with school holidays, a call to your child's other parent is in order.

If You Are Planning a Trip

If you are planning a trip out of the country with the children, locate their passports now. Not only must they be up to date, but some countries also prohibit travel on passports that are within a certain amount of time of expiring. If your child's other parent has the passports, speak with them to locate the passports.

Regardless of whether you remain in the country or travel internationally, make certain your child's other parent is aware of your plans. Often when there are last-minute issues, it is directly attributable to a lack of communication between the parents. You can tell your child's other parent your plans, but you can't make them listen. It is a good idea to memorialize your conversation in writing – an email or a simple text will do. This way, you have documentation that you had the conversation. Additionally, your spouse has a document they can consult if they have forgotten your plans and you are unreachable.

If You Are Planning to Stay Home

If you're not planning a vacation with the family, now is the time to consider such things as custody, daycare arrangements, and whether the children are old enough to stay home alone. Ideally, this is a decision you make jointly with your children's other parent. In some families, the custody schedule remains identical, with each parent figuring out on their own how they will handle the school break. In other families, one parent stays home with the children.

If You Have a Custody or Parenting Time Issue

If you have a custody or parenting time issue, contact the attorneys at Frost & Kavanaugh. David Kavanaugh focuses his practice on marital and family law. His knowledge of the field allows him to anticipate potential family law problems and deal with them at the front end – in the divorce decree or separation agreement. If something comes up after the divorce, David is available to discuss the issue and discuss solutions. Oftentimes, issues can be resolved without extensive litigation. Contact us today to discuss your family law matters at 518-283-3000.

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