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  • Trial Lawyers

    Having the right lawyer makes a big difference. If your case could go to trial, you need a trial lawyer. We have earned our reputation as hardworking, knowledgeable advocates, all at a fair price.

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  • Personal Injury

    It’s better to settle an injury case to avoid the uncertainty and delay of a trial and appeal. The best way to settle a case for top dollar is to be ready for trial. We are trial lawyers.

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  • Matrimonial/Family Law

    We handle legal separation and divorce, custody/visitation and child support, family offenses cases, and pre-nuptial/post-nuptial agreements.

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  • Criminal Defense

    There are few things scarier than being accused of a crime. We have handled all cases, from murder to traffic infractions, and we’re not afraid to go to trial. We can help, we’re trial lawyers.

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As trial lawyers, we know having the right attorney makes a big difference in the outcome of your case.  With nearly 50 years of trial experience, the attorneys at Frost & Kavanaugh have earned their reputation as hardworking, confident, knowledgeable advocates for their clients, all at a fair price. Our experienced team of attorneys has successfully handled many legal cases in a wide variety of fields, and have practiced in Courts in the Capital Region and as far west as Utica, and from Plattsburgh to Poughkeepsie, and all Courts in between.

We practice in a variety of fields, including criminal defense, personal injury, and matrimonial/family law. We also prepare wills and handle real estate closings, estate proceedings and general civil litigation. But most importantly, we are trial lawyers!

If you have a case that could go to trial, do you want an attorney who never tries cases, or who is always ready to try a case? Just like you wouldn't want a surgeon who never performs operations, you don't want an attorney who never tries cases. Our philosophy is to prepare every case as if it were going to trial, so that the opposing attorney and the judge know we're not going to settle a case until we get our client everything he or she is entitled to. We'll get you the best plea bargain or go to trial to get it. We'll get you the best divorce settlement, or go to trial to get it. We'll get you the best settlement of your injury case, or go to trial to get it. We are trial lawyers!

Our Goal

Our only job is to take care of you. When you retain Frost & Kavanaugh, we worry about your problems so you don’t have to. Place your trust in us – we’ll take it from here.

We Are Trial Lawyers

Choosing the right lawyer makes a difference. Call us and we’ll show you how. We are trial lawyers!